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Mar 20, 2004
Fisher Island Magazine

It’s no secret: Miami’s most successful and influential people have pads on Fisher Island. But do you know who your neighbors are? Let us introduce you to eight of the most prominent power brokers who have landed – and we do mean landed – on Fisher Island. They’re young, they’re active, they’re on everyone’s A-list, and they’ve got the lifestyle to match. Oh, yeah – and they’re all single.

By all accounts, Heather Rutecki is a very successful attorney. As a defense attorney, she has a flawless record. As a transactional attorney, she has represented some of the city’s biggest buyers and sellers, and celebrity files constantly find their way to her desk (Oprah Winfrey, Jim Brown and Oliver Stone, if we must name-drop).
And to think—Rutecki & Associates is a “boutique” law firm that has been in business only eight years. “We definitely compete with large firms,” Rutecki says. “We close record [real estate] sales in the city. 
The reason for that success is Rutecki’s own perseverance. She started her own firm two weeks after passing the Florida Bar and Federal Bar exams, back-to-back despite critics’ warnings that it may not work. 
“I was criticized for opening my own practice right out of law school,” she says. “But I think our satisfaction rate proves that it was the right move.”
Satisfaction is an understatement. Rutecki’s clients not only give her the thumbs-up, but ultimately become her friends. She takes great pride in the many wonderful friendships she has established through her profession. When it comes to spending personal time with her clients, there’s no better place than Fisher Island.

“For almost every reason, from sports to the security, to the spa, it is one of the nicest places in South Florida,” she says. Rutecki, who is an active club member, spends a great deal of her social time on the island. She can usually be found at the beach club, the spa, the racket club, or one of the restaurants.

“Fisher Island is a place that me away from the pressures of the rest of the world,” she says, “and provides for me a peaceful setting to enjoy my free time among members and employees alike, whom I always look forward to seeing.”

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Rutecki & Associates, P.A. is a law firm made up of attorneys with individual and collective prestige. Located in the landmark Miami Tower for nearly two decades, Rutecki & Associates, P.A. enjoys cultivating strong personal relationships as well as elevating itself to be one of the most reputable private practices around. This allows Rutecki & Assocaites, P.A. to compete with even the largest law firms.

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I wouldn't recommend any other law firm for Miami! Rutecki & Associates really listened to my concerns and helped me navigate the legal waters to get to where I needed to be.

Darry F. -- Miami, FL

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